Recent News about Senate Bill 350

A few questions about Kevin de Léon’s big climate change measure

April 10, 2015
Sacramento Bee Editorial Board

How could carbon cuts impact us?

August 24, 2015
Sacramento Bee

Editorial: Beware California’s Job Killer Bills

April 10, 2015
The Press-Enterprise

Senator de Leon’s Green Vision Has Valley Seeing Red

March 18, 2015
Fox & Hounds

Electric Shock

March 2, 2015
Fox & Hounds

Renewing the Debate on the Renewables Portfolio Standard (RPS)

February 18, 2015
Fox & Hounds

Rushing into lower gasoline use will hurt California businesses

February 15, 2015
Fox & Hounds

Legislators Renew Efforts to Fight ‘Hidden Gas Tax’

December 2, 2014
Santa Clarita Valley Signal

Lawmakers Aim to Eliminate Gas Tax Set to Go Into Effect January 1st

December 2, 2014
KTXL Fox 40 Sacramento

Time for a Real Debate on the Cost of Climate Programs

December 1, 2014
Fox and Hounds

Patterson, Vidak Keep Heat on Cap-and-Trade Transportation Fuel Tax

November 18, 2014
The Fresno Bee

California Motorists to Begin Shouldering Costs of Carbon Auction

November 27, 2014
The Sacramento Bee

A Look at California’s gas tax

November 25, 2014
CBS Fresno

Carbon ‘Tax’ Will Pump Up California Gas Prices Jan. 1

November 11, 2014
News 10 ABC

Expect to Pay More at the Pump Next Year

November 11, 2014
KGET NBC Bakersfield

Starting on January 1st, Gas Prices Are Set to Go Up Again

November 11, 2014
KNBC Los Angeles

When You Head to the Pump on January 1st of Next Year, Expect to Pay More

November 11, 2014
KCOY CBS Santa Barbara

Starting Next Year, Expect to Pay More for Gas in California

November 11, 2014
KION CBS Santa Barbara

Expect to Pay More for Gas in California Next Year

November 11, 2014

Hidden Gas Tax May Have You Paying More at the Pump in January

November 11, 2014
KBAK CBS Bakersfield

 The Defining Effect of AB 32: Higher Gas Prices

October 28, 2014
San Diego Union Tribune

Rechazan Nuevo Impuesto A La Gasolina

October 28, 2014
Mundo Fox 22

ED GERBER: Fuel hike will hurt Inland residents

October 27, 2014
The Riverside Press-Enterprise

CARB Members Do the Right Thing—Listen to the People about the Hidden Gas Tax

October 27, 2014
Fox & Hounds


October 26, 2014

Cap and Trade to Drive up Gas Prices

October 16, 2014
KUSI San Diego

Opinion: Gasoline Prices Fall but Will Climb Under Cap-And-Trade

October 16, 2014
The Sacramento Bee

ABC Fresno Reports on Why the Hidden Gas Tax May Hit the Central Valley Especially Hard

October 15, 2014
KFSN News – Fresno, CA

Valley Critics Want To Kill State Proposal That Could Increase Gas Prices

October 14, 2014
Merced Sun-Star

Beware: New … and Expensive … Gas Tax

October 14, 2014
City Watch LA

Assemblyman Jim Patterson Talks About the Impact of the Hidden Gas Tax

October 10, 2014
KMPH News – Fresno, CA

Stephanie Burnside: We Need A Chance To Talk Over Hidden Gas ‘Tax’

October 9, 2014
Modesto Bee

Viewpoints: Climate Change Policy Comes With Economic Risks

October 5, 2014
Sacramento Bee

California to Lose 18,000 Jobs Due to ‘Hidden Gas Tax’

September 25, 2014
Energy Global

Darrell Feil: Rising Gas Prices Come At the Wrong Time for Small Business

September 24, 2014
The Bakersfield Californian

Placing Fuels Under the Cap Puts Low-Income Households Under the Bus

September 22, 2014
Fox & Hounds

 Let Them Drive Teslas

September 3, 2014
Fox & Hounds

 California’s Cap and Trade Legislation Is Expected to Push Gas Prices Up

September 15, 2014
KUSI News – San Diego, CA

Jim Patterson: Australia Shows How to Stop Hidden Gas Tax

August 27, 2014
The Fresno Bee

 More Study Needed Before Cap-And-Trade Hits Gas Prices: Isadore Hall

August 25, 2014
Long Beach Press-Telegram

Legislators Work to Head off Gas Tax Hike

August 22, 2014
The Santa Clarita Valley Signal

Editorial: Regressive Cap-And-Trade Tax to Hit Motorists

August 22, 2014
The Press-Enterprise

Get Cap-and-Trade Policy Right before Increasing Gas Prices: Freddie Rodriguez

August 19, 2014
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

 OP-ED: Hidden Gas Tax

August 18, 2014
The San Mateo Daily Journal

 Editorial: Gasoline Prices Are Sure To Rise; Senate Ought To Hear By How Much

August  17, 2014
The Sacramento Bee

 Gas Price Rise Could Impact Wallet On Multiple Levels In New Year

August 15, 2014
Auburn Journal

Supervisors Lobby for Gas Tax Delay

August 13, 2014
The Hanford Sentinel

 Will Legislative Leaders Do Their Job?

August 12, 2014
Pleasanton Weekly

Guest Editorial: Join the Coalition Fighting the Secret Gas Tax

August 12, 2014
Voice of OC

 Californians Need More Time to Prepare For New Clean Air Rules

August 12, 2014
SF Gate

 Viewpoints: Gas Price Hike from Cap and Trade Will Hurt Families and Small Businesses

August 11, 2014
The Sacramento Bee

 Hidden Gas Tax Will Hit Our Region Harder Than Others

August 10, 2014
The Modesto Bee

 Our View: Hidden Gas Tax Will Hit Our Region Harder Than Others

August 10, 2014
The Merced Sun-Star

 Dan Walters: Legislature Ducking Debate On Big Fuel Price Hike

August 8, 2014
The Sacramento Bee

Delaying Fuel Cost Piece of Greenhouse Gases Law Pits Blue Collar vs. Progressive Elites

July 31, 2014
Fox and Hounds

 California Climate Change Policies to Hit Pocketbooks

July 24, 2014
SF Gate

 Ain’t No Such Thing as a Free Regulation

July 14, 2014
San Diego Union Tribune

 Cap-and-Trade’s Moment of Truth

July 14, 2014
Energy Institute at HAAS

 Editorial: Coming soon: A major hike in gas prices

July 12, 2014
San Diego Union Tribune